Endless Possibilities, 2015. Photo by Jen Lobo of  Free Sol Collective

Endless Possibilities, 2015. Photo by Jen Lobo of Free Sol Collective


Tuggle Designs was born of the mutual passion for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry from husband-and-wife team Matthew and Lauren Tuggle. Their jewelry is a modern take on traditional design, where color and contrast play an important part and guide the direction of each piece. Inspired by patterns and architecture, they place an emphasis on contrast and negative space in their designs. Utilizing traditional techniques, they demonstrate the highest-quality craftsmanship in their bold, yet wearable jewelry, which is meant to stand the test of time.

Tuggle Designs believes that more beauty and artistry goes into a piece when it is made by hand, and do not rely on computer-aided-design in their process. This makes every piece of jewelry special, intentional, and truly one-of-a-kind. Matthew and Lauren love to work with oxidized sterling silver and rich gold colors, with a variety of bright gemstones and diamond accents. They believe that the finishes are just as important as the design itself, and incorporate hand engraving, various textures, and high polished areas that produce dynamic, compelling works of art.

Each custom piece begins with a story...

We love crafting one-of-a-kind pieces and focus on the emotional connection that each of our clients has with their piece.  No matter the reason, each piece of jewelry made has a wonderful story to go along with it's creation.  The beautiful and plentiful stories that accompany a treasured heirloom add so much to it's value!  We love sharing the excitement about a special piece with our clients, and will always keep their stories first and foremost during the creation process.

Custom bridal necklace in sterling silver with a spray of round brilliant diamonds bezel set in 14k rose gold.


Tuggle Designs is a proud grant recipient of the CCI Career Advancement Award.